Warriors ‘made a call’ to Rockets about James Harden

Photo: Matteo Marchi
Photo: Matteo Marchi

However, no real offer was made, Shams Charania said

In the latest episode of Complex’s Load Management Podcast, Shams Charania said that the Golden State Warriors are among the teams that reached out to the Rockets about James Harden.

“I don’t even believe an offer was made. I think it was just an inquiry like, ‘We have a potential major offer here if you guys want to discuss.’ Houston was not really – I think they were open to hearing out different offers and proposals as they have been even going back to last year with all of their players, as historically that franchise has been. But they weren’t out there soliciting and making counters and making offers. But I think the Warriors did make it known, ‘Listen, we have a potential major offer here if you want to talk,” Charania said.

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Source: HoopsHype.

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