Trinchieri: For how we played we deserved to go to the Final Four

Credit: Ciamillo & Castoria
Credit: Ciamillo & Castoria

Trinchieri: We overachieved like no one else, we went one possession away from the Final Four

Host of Open Court Podcast, Coach Trinchieri discussed at length the playoff series between Bayern Munich and Olimpia Milano, which saw the Italian team prevail after 5 hard-fought games.

Here are some extracts (transcription via Eurohoops)

The first game that we lost could kill any team in the world. It could kill an elephant. The biggest success was going there to play Game 5, after that loss.

 I have to be situational, I have to understand how big was our effort to win two games in a row in that way with two guards out of the roster when Milano‘s strength is in the guards”.

“I’m really thankful and I will say, for once very silently, happy, because I don’t look at what we got, I look at what we deserved. For how we played, we deserved the respect and we deserved to go to the Final Four. This is enough to survive”

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