Sylvain Francisco: “I think not everyone can play for Pedro Martínez “

Sylvain Francisco: “I think not everyone can play for Pedro Martínez “

Sylvain Francisco talks with Sportando in an exclusive interview

Today we publish an exclusive talk with Sylvain Francisco, one of the best players in the last edition of the Basketball Champions League. Before proceeding with the interview, the Sportando Team would like to thank the player for his willingness to answer to our questions.


Q: Last summer you signed a one-month contract to be on trial in Manresa. Days later they signed you for the whole season. How did you convince them so quickly?

Yes, it was supposed to be a one-month trial and I signed two weeks after. I just think I did what he asked me to do. I’m that type of player that can play offense and defense, a point guard who can pass the ball, play for his teammates and create his own shots. I think he was looking for a piece he never had and he found it.

Q:How would you describe this year in Manresa?

Manresa has been good for me, especially the team. I think we had a special year with a special team, because everyone thought we would play and fight to stay in ACB with the lowest budget in the league, but we proved them wrong. I think no one could have the same mentality and confidence as us.

Q: After this great season, many players revalued themselves and that is the case of Chima Moneke. He has signed with Sacramento Kings, what´s your opinion on that?

I’m so happy. I knew about this two months ago and I think he really deserved it. We have known each other for many years. We played against in the second division and first division in France and then we became teammates in Manresa. It’s crazy because he has been through so many issues and now things are paying for him. He has to earn his playtime but I’m sure he will make the difference in the NBA, trust me.

Q: What do you think about the level of the ACB League? Is it really as tough as they make it out to be?

Yes, it surprised me a lot. I think that is the best league after the NBA. The fans are the best, especially Manresa fans. All the games are really tough and everybody can beat everybody . It´s crazy, once you touch the ACB one time, you don´t want to leave this league anymore.

Q: Pedro Martínez is known as one of the best Spanish basketball coaches. How would you say it is to be trained by him?

I think not everyone can play for Pedro Martínez, playing with Pedro is a real challenge to be taken seriously. He’s tough to play for, the first month I didn’t know If I could do it because he expected a lot from a player. He wants you to be better everyday, that’s why he helped me a lot as a player on and off the court.

What I liked the most is his communication with his players. Sometimes you are not going to agree with him but he is going to listen to you and you’ll always find a waiting ground with him to move forward.

Q: You played the Summer League with the Milwaukee Bucks. How was the experience?  Is your goal to reach the NBA?

Yes, the experience was really good. Organization, staff, the way they are treating you is crazy. My goal is to play in the NBA but I wanna go slowly but surely. Everybody can make it but not many people can stay.

Q: Where does your love for fashion come from? Do you see yourself modeling when you retire professionally from basketball?

Fashion comes from where I’m from. I was born in Paris and as you all know, Paris is a fashion city. People know how to dress and I really love to dress up. Modeling? No, but I think I will make a luxury brand for sure.


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