Luca Vildoza on joining Knicks: “I’m living a dream, I wanted to take this step”

Credits Ciamillo-Castoria
Credits Ciamillo-Castoria

Former Baskonia is third Argentinian to join the NBA during this season.

Speaking in an interview with Gigantes del Basket, Argentinian guard Luca Vildoza has spoken about joining the New York Knicks and making his NBA debut.

“For me it’s like living a dream. I don’t like leaving in the middle of the season (…) It’s a unique opportunity that may never happen again, I didn’t want to miss it (…) Argentinians go crazy with the NBA. It is the best league in the world, and you always want to get there, even though my dream as a kid has been to be in the Euroleague. In the last few years, I realized that maybe I could take that step. The Knicks gave me the opportunity and I decided to take it. I don’t want to get stuck in a comfort zone and I wanted to take that step”, Vildoza said

Fonte: Gigantes del Basket.

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