Brad Stevens: Our defense has to improve. The Heat were clearly the better team

The Celtics are third in the Eastern Conference standings with 44 wins over 67 games

Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens talks with the media after the loss against the Miami Heat.

(Transcription via Celticsblog)

“Our defense has to improve from what it’s been in the first three games. But credit Miami, they played with unbelievable intensity and togetherness and I thought they were clearly the better team”

We’re fouling because they’re getting the ball so deep. The post fouls, they’re just getting it deep and they’re using their strength and size. We’re going to have to not allow the ball to get deep. We’re going to have to figure that out. At the beginning of the year, I thought we guarded with great intensity and we kept the ball out of the paint. We’re not doing as good of a job now at keeping the ball out of the paint. If it gets down there, we’re toast.”

Source: Celticsblog.

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