Popular NBA Betting Markets to get you the best returns

Popular NBA Betting Markets to get you the best returns

How often do we set our mobile to wake us up during the odd night hours to watch the NBA games? It is a pain if you are not located in the United States, but it is worth it

How often do we set our mobile to wake us up during the odd night hours to watch the NBA games? It is a pain if you are not located in the United States, but it is worth it!  

Basketball is a sport that has been around for decades and has cultivated a mass following through the years, with many punters heading to sports betting sites not on Gamstop to place bets on the NBA. Originating from Springfield in Massasycetts, basketball started getting people’s attention in the US, with global domination following worldwide.

We watch it, we follow it, we bet on it and hopefully win with our basketball bets. But before that, it would be wise to get a basketball betting strategy going. If you want to win at basketball betting, you need to master the NBA betting markets. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Betting on the NBA

We got you covered. If you head to Google and search for NBA betting review sites, you will be presented with an array of options ready to take bets. Every sportsbook will have NBA odds available as basketball is one of the biggest sports in the world; it is a punter’s liquid gold, and everyone seeks to get their hands on the best NBA wagers.

Compare sites and make sure that the site is legal and registered. A UKGC or an MGA license will do if you are looking for structured fun, whilst a Curcuao gambling license will see you place your NBA bets using cryptocurrency; the choice is yours, dear basketball punter. 

The best NBA betting markets to bet on

Now that you have found your chosen betting sites to place your NBA bets, it is time to talk about the betting markets and the ones that will see you win and grin. They say that knowledge is power, and in the gambling world, it sure is. 

Outright Winner – NBA Moneyline Bet

One of the most primitive ways of betting is the outright winner. In a basketball match, you have 2 teams squaring off at the basketball court with a home team (hosting the game) and the away team (the visiting team). Placing this type of wager will see you guess who the winner between the two will be. Winner betting does not offer the best returns when it comes to winnings if your chosen team is the favourite; however if you place a bet on the underdog, and the said team wins, you could take home quite a substantial win. This type of betting is also called the Moneyline bet. 

NBA Total Points 

If you know the NBA teams playing the match well, you could win big by placing bets via the NBA Totals betting market. This form of betting is popular with bettors and is also referred to as over/under-betting. This means you will guess which of the two teams will accumulate points over and below a set amount. 

The Lakers are taking on the Chicago Bulls in the best clash. You bet that LA Lakers will go over 220 points, and the Bulls will be under. If the Bulls get 219 points or less, you win that bet too. 

Apart from this, when placing the Total Bets, you would also place a small wager on the team to accumulate the most points and win the overall game. This will add more spice to your bet and more adrenalin pumping through your body. 

NBA Spread

The NBA Spread is another form of betting that does require some knowledge about how the specific teams are doing within the overall NBA season tournament. The spread is solely the margin to which the teams playing are to win or lose. Using the NBA Spread, you would need to guess the NBA team that is the most favourite to win the game by a margin that is set only by the bookmaker offering the odds. Another NBA Spread betting option is betting on the underdog and how much margin the team will lose the match. 

Knowing about team performance, injuries, and any issues within the team’s dressing room is essential to get the best return out of your spread win. If one key basketball player is not on the pitch on the day or suffers an injury during the match, your overall game plan could go up in fame. 

Prop Bets

Prop Bets is a basketball bet that will see you look at the outcome of action during the game rather than focusing solely on who will win the match and how many points. Deemed one of the most popular sports bets during NBA season, you could use Prop Bets to wager money on some of the following:

  • How many times a player commits a foul?
  • How many points will a particular player score during the match? 
  • How many rebounds will a player have during the game being played?
  • How many assists will a player or a specific team deliver?
  • How many steals a player facilitates during the match?

Prop bets are a fun way to add that extra excitement to your NBA betting strategy and could also be coupled with other NBA wagers placed by yourself. 

Finding the best NBA betting site for you

We already did mention the legality and licensing to look out for when seeking your NBA betting site. Other player feedback is also an essential part to take in when considering which gambling site is best for you. If the comments by other punters are positive, it could be worth taking a closer look at the site. Does the site offer the best NBA odds? Do they have a VIP Loyalty Scheme? What do the welcome bonus and ongoing offers look like? And what banking options do the betting site offer? Seek out the best choice for your NBA betting, and when you find the perfect playground for you, sign up and play. The NBA is rocking this season, and your bets would just add some excitement to the overall buzz that basketball offers!

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