Basketball: A comprehensive guide on basketball betting strategies

Basketball: A comprehensive guide on basketball betting strategies

Before gamblers start betting on a sport, some love to ready strategy guides

Before gamblers start betting on a sport, some love to ready strategy guides. These guides have the sole scope of getting the punter acquainted with the game and offers some insight into betting tips.  Other gamblers just love to see who is the favourite and just go with the flow. This is the lucrative world of sports betting. Sports and guides are many, but undoubtedly the most sought after are football, with a close call basketball, taking the second place. Throughout the years, players like magic Johnson, Le Bron James and also the late Kobe Bryant managed to place a basketball on the map. You do not need to attend a physical match to be captivated by the NBA, the league, the players and basketball in general. The popularity that the sports have attained throughout the last 20 years is massive and many gamblers worldwide are shifting away from the traditional football bet to place a bet on basketball. The NBA is magic and magically generates betting. But when we talk about basketball, we can not talk about March Madness and the huge fanbase the league has. This is the main reason that today, we want to offer you, our readers a comprehensive basketball betting guide. Ways and means for you to confidently watch an NBA match, understanding the betting strategies and finally make a promising bet. And, once you’ve mastered the art of sports betting, we recommend heading over to to try your hand at casino games! 

Whilst Basketball might look and seem like a difficult sport to master, in reality, once you read a basketball betting guide, you will definitely understand the game easily. Offence, defence, points and even the overall winner are available betting options. So, today we talk and present to you some of the best basketball betting strategies to go for. If you are new to the basketball betting world, sit tight, as after this you can confidently place a bet on basketball and hopefully land a win. 

The 5 most lucrative basketball betting strategies 

Bets on the losing favourite

Backing the losing favourite has to be one of the most done bets in basketball. By the 1st half of the match, you will definitely know if the Lakers or the Bulls will take home the win. However in every sport, a half time prep talk always works wonders, and sometimes players come back from half time just like a pride of lions ready to hunt.  A small solid play could shift the game towards the underdog or even the favourite.  If you back either the favourite or the losing favourite just know that basketball also has an element of luck.  Just for you to know, the favourite team seldomly loses, so if you are backing the losing favourite a win is much more lucrative and chunky. 

Bets on the 4th Quarter points totals 

Another popular basketball betting strategy that punters enjoy is definitely the best on the total points on the 4th quarter.  Now to understand this betting strategy, one needs to know that the 4th quarter in basketball is part of the extra time. Before placing such bets, it would be ideal to understand if the bookie does indeed any points that are generated during half time as part of the 4th quarter.  If not, and the match is tied, it is always advisable to go for an overall point for the whole match. 

Bets placed on Utilising Basketball Lines 

When one places a bet or wants to place a bet on a team, it would be best to check the fixtures for any upcoming matches. That is just the bible in any sport, even basketball teams. When teams are playing home, punters have a rough idea of the sports leagues that are happening in the country, however when the game is international, and your go-to team squares off, on an international level, that is just another ball game. When an international match is happening, the team might travel, and this could result in some mishaps here and there. Yes, your favourite could win, but keep in mind that the coaching staff could rest some of the big players and let the upcoming stars take the lead in the pitch.  This is what basketball is all about after all.  So let’s say you want to place a bet on something new, here you can place a bet on an international (non-home) games, where you place your money on the underdog’s lines, and more so if the handicap points are listed as high already. 

Bets on low scoring Leagues

You will find basketball matches such as the NBA games and also the March madness that will generate many points, sometimes surpassing the 150 or even the 200.  Now, this is what professional looks like, but let us keep in mind that there are smaller leagues than the NBA or the March Madness, the leagues that we hope will contain the basketball stars of tomorrow.  These leagues will either be composed of youngsters or even female basketball teams.  These leagues, compared to the NBA will hold a smaller power and will of course generate fewer points when it comes to the overall total game points generated. A point average here is not on the cards, and the player’s ability is quite less compared to other big leagues. There are times when online basketball bookmakers will establish the betting lines as per the stats from previous games and upcoming next ones.  Here you can place your bets on the total under points lines when from the outside they seem to be high. Winning a bet here could be quite sizeable. 

Betting on an exhausted team

This is potentially one of the most rewarding bets in basketball, as it does take some research to handle this bet.  Now we are all aways that a basketball league consists of 82 games all spread over a period of 180 days.  That is pretty compact, and also keep in mind that for many of these games, the players and the whole team would need to travel, sometimes overnight.  This could be quite exhausting on the team, and also on the overall team performance. If the team is playing at a basketball conference league they would be having game matches back to back, so this means that stamina and team performance could below what is expected. Once the team has had away games, you would need to wait until the 3rd away game is out of the way. Here you look at the game favourite and you bet on the underdog which does have that extra advantage to being at home.  If the underdog secures a win, you are sorted!

Some other hints and tips to think about when basketball

When it comes to any sports gambling, there are some common things to think about, hence this basketball betting guide.

  1. Research is key at all times when you place a bet. Check the team’s performance and also what the opponent team has done in terms of stats. Look at the track record and make sure you are up to speed with what both teams have achieved. 
  2. Looking at your bankroll is another key to betting wisely on basketball. Do not get carried away, as this will always result in bets made in a poor state of mind and losses of your funds. Set an amount per month to bet and go for the win. 
  3. When you suffer a loss, it is not the end of the world. Just think if you wish to do another bet, research, check the odds and then place a bet. It is a known fact that some punters make big bets after losses just to try and get their money back. Unwise, very unwise. Think, regroup and then make another bet after weighing in on all your options. 
  4. Favourites do make you money, however, when you back a  favourite, you need to keep in mind that the payout is much less. Safe will never get you anywhere. Do some groundwork, look at the underdog, check out the player injuries and overall, do you match. If you support the underdog and the underdog happens to secure a win, expect chunkier winnings to come your way. 
  5. We cannot stress enough about doing your research, and that is looking at the stats for both teams, checking out the team news via their social media channels and also checking sports news in general. Such information could be key to you making a successful bet and taking home a good amount of winnings. Normally after a match, there will be commentators talking about the games and also about upcoming matches yet to come, soak in that information as much as you can, it is very useful.

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