Kevin Punter: “I’m here to win and to learn from other winners”

Kevin Punter: “I’m here to win and to learn from other winners”

Former Olympiacos and Crvena Zvezda has been unveiled as a Milano player.

Kevin Punter is approaching his second Italian experience after a year spent in Bologna, but in the meantime, he played in the EuroLeague, first at Olympiacos and then at the Red Star. “He is young, motivated, but he has won some trophies,” says Olympia’s general manager, Christos Stavropoulos. “The first few days have gone well, but we are already looking to the future, to the next week, when there will be new players available. So far, I see only positive things, I can’t wait to get to know the other teammates on the court,” says KP.

HOW MUCH HE’S IMPROVED – “I learn every day, I study the game, I tried to understand the pace better. Watching EuroLeague games when I was in Bologna, I tried to figure out when to shoot or not to shoot, when to pass or not to pass. It’s the small details that make the difference.”

HIS PLAY IN BELGRADE – “I studied a lot. I have worked hard. For me, the most important adjustment was to read and understand the game better off the court. This is why you have seen me excel, slow down, feel more comfortable. It’s pretty much it.”

WHY MILAN – “I have spoken quite a lot with Coach Messina. For me, the number one goal is to win. All I want to do is win. Seeing the roster that we have assembled, I definitely believe that we have to opportunity to win, win here. And for me there will also be a chance to learn from other winners. Get to know them on and off the court. This is extremely attractive to me. ”

PLAYING WITH THE CROWD OR NOT – “If you look at how I play, I have never paid so much attention to the crowd, I am 100% locked in. I know it would be different, but in terms of focus, nothing will change. The crowd does not affect my game, honestly.”

THE ADJUSTMENT TO OLIMPIA – “I will continue to be myself, the Coach will allow me to be myself, I will only try to jell with everyone. I will not go out on the court thinking that I am the guy or not, I am not like that, I will play for the team and help them win.”

BEING UNDRAFTED – “It is a challenge, when you are done with college what you can do is not think about whether you will be drafted or not, but try to improve, whether this happens in the United States or in Europe. I made the decision to come here because I realized it was the place where I could learn more. This is why I came to Europe, to advance my game, to become a better player.”

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