Ergin Ataman is one of the new owners of Reale Mutua Torino

Ergin Ataman is one of the new owners of Reale Mutua Torino

Ataman leads a group of Turkish investors

Anadolu Efes Istanbul head coach Ergin Ataman is the new owner of Reale Mutua Torino. The group will become 100% owner of Torino if the teams will play in Serie A next season. If the club stays in Serie A2, the Turkish group will acquire 50% of the shares.

Stefano Sardara: “We arrived in Turin with an idea of ​​relaunching the club The vintage has been fruitful, both at company and sports level. Then there was the question of repechage, needless to remember, and we took action to do the necessary. We needed a solution, which we found. An important business group willing to join A2 as well».

“The person is Ergin Ataman.”

Ergin Ataman: «Stefano Sardara contacted me two months ago. I have two high-level partners, one of which is one of the top sport management agencies in Turkey. And then there will be another very important person. I will continue to coach Anadolu Efes, but I know this world. If we stay in A2 we will do it together, if we go to A1 we will take it. I am pleased to help, at the business level, an important company to bring European excellence “.

Stefano Sardara: «At the moment we are unfortunately not yet able to see each other due to the well-known world complexities. The only real problem, beyond the construction of the team, requires us to wait for the final closure of the composition of the championships, therefore until 30 July “.

Stefano Sardara: «Ataman becomes one of the owners with the other partners. He remains the coach of Anadolu Efes, he will have carte blanche on the composition of the roster “.

Ergin Ataman: “The company that works alongside me works on the image of NBA players, football, and the Italian volleyball coach Guidetti. There will be several sponsors, because as you know in EuroLeague almost 90% of the sponsors are Turkish. I will take care of the technical part ».

Ergin Ataman: «The first project was to work with Sardara in A2. We can also continue with the same ad and the same coach to avoid making a mess. If we play in A2 we can get to know each other better, to immediately aim for the LBA. If instead we will be immediately in A, we would be pleased, and at that point we will do everything but we will continue with the same technical and managerial staff. They did a great job.”

Ergin Atama: «Happy if LBA gives us this chance. But there are many problems, we hope to arrive in Italy in fifteen days if the flights open. To date it will not be easy to build a victory team in the LBA. We will only have the certainties at the end of July when the teams are already built. At the end of these three years it is bringing Turin to the European cups. Just that this city has a EuroLeague team ».

«I just want to do the best. I have brought the Anadolu Efes to the top, let’s see in these three years where we will arrive “.

Stefano Sardara: «Relations with FCA? Desirable, the relationships are excellent, but let’s go in small steps ».

Stefano Sardara: «In A2 we will be 50-50, in A it would be 100% of them. Budgets have already been analyzed. But before July 30th we won’t be able to do anything. We don’t want to lose Serie A, but setting times today is impossible ».

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