Virtus Bologna CEO Baraldi says he would suspend EuroCup season and resume it early in 2021

Foto Ciamillo
Foto Ciamillo

The other Italian teams want to keep playing in EuroCup

Virtus Bologna CEO Luca Baraldi said that he would stop the EuroCup season now and resume the competition in January or February with a different format.

Baraldi spoke to Il Corriere dello Sport about coronavirus pandemic and how it is affecting the EuroCup season.

“The virus is circulating fast, we have difficulties in traveling through Italy, let alone in Europe. I believe that the competition should be suspended and resumed in January and February with a revised format. In spring we will be able to move around Europe more easily.

Today many teams have players that are positive to covid among their players and there is no competitive equity. It is a discourse that applies to the European cups, but also to the domestic leagues. We are in constant contact with Farnesina which invites all Italian citizens not to leave the country.

We were in Belgium, in a country that is in lockdown. A situation of danger for us” Baraldi said.

The other Italian clubs in EuroCup don’t have the same ideas.

Trento GM Salvatore Trainotti said that suspending EuroCup is not a solution right now and it is better to keep playing.

Venezia president Federico Casarin said that the Italian champions want to play safely and believe in EuroCup protocols.

Brescia GM Sandro Santoro added that EuroCup protocols are stricter than Serie A protocols.

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