Unics’ Bogachev says Errick McCollum is ready to get a pay cut for a new deal with Kazan

"We are in constant contact with McCollum's agent. He said Eric is ready for a pay cut" Bogachev said

Evgeny Bogachev, president of UNICS Kazan, said that team guard Eric McCollum, whose contract with the club will expire this summer, is ready to cut his salary for a new deal with Kazan.

“We are in constant contact with McCollum’s agent. He said Eric is ready for a pay cut. This is commendable given the difficult financial situation in European basketball. Let’s see how it all ends. Probably in 7-10 days it will be clearer what budget we have for the 2020/2021 season. So it will be possible to talk more substantially about new contracts.

There are various predictions on this topic. Do we start playing between late September and early October? However, the number of diseases in the country is not decreasing. The buildings are still closed. Also, no one guarantees that the second wave of coronavirus will not start and the season won’t stop, say, halfway through. Therefore, when drafting new contracts there will be some clauses. For example, if the season ends conditionally in November, the player will receive a percentage of the annual salary, etc. “Bogachev said to Izvestia.

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