Sergio Hernandez: “Obradovic earns in a day what I earn in more than a month”

Photo: FIBA
Photo: FIBA

Argentina national team's head coach doesn't hide that money is the reason he's considering pursuing a job in Europe

Argentina national team’s head coach Sergio Hernandez says he’s pursuing a coaching job in Europe. He doesn’t hide that the money is the main reason of why he’s considering this possibility.

“The only thing I haven’t earned in my career is money,” Hernandez told Infobae. “If you ask me if I can buy an apartment in Avenida del Libertador, I say no. I live in a 70-square-meter apartment. I’m not complaining, but [Zeljko] Obradovic earns in a day what I earn in more than a month. And I went to [Sergio] Scariolo’s house… and I competed with them, winning and losing, 15 years ago. I coached in three World Cups, I was in three Olympic Games, I won an Olympic medal. I have 21 titles, I’m one of the winningest coaches in the history of the Argentinian league and the national team. I’m don’t even like to go live in Europe. Argentina is my place. But I have a few years left and maybe this is my chance. I want to go there.”

Fonte: Infobae.

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