Kevin Pangos: Milan? I just wanted to play and help the team win games…

Kevin Pangos: Milan? I just wanted to play and help the team win games…

The Canadian point guard left Milan to join Valencia last December

Kevin Pangos, former Olimpia Milan point guard who moved to Valencia at the end of 2023, recently returned to talk about his time in Italy with Coach Messina’s team.

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“A situation arose in Milan where I was asked to stop participating in training sessions. It was something out of my control. I did my best, but I was asked not to train with the team anymore….. At that point I started looking for another team where I could play. It was not an easy situation for me. As a player you want to be part of the team and feel part of it, and that was not possible for me. The period in Milan was difficult.”

The criticism he received from Messina in some interviews.

“This is one of the topics I prefer not to address. I cannot control what others choose to do. I can only control the way I handle my own things. I don’t devote my time and thoughts to things like that.”

Did the last negative period make everyone forget who is the real Kevin Pangos?

“This is a question that should be asked to other people. I have earned on the court the chance to play at the highest level for many years. The last situation was unfortunate, I just wanted to play and help the team win games. For me the goal now is to return to playing my best basketball, and at the same time to help Valencia win games. I try not to think about the past anymore.

The Spanish team is in the midst of a race for the Play-In along with teams with much bigger budgets.

“We believe in our abilities and this is reflected in the results and the fact that we are competing for a place in the top 10. Sometimes a team is exalted early, but in the Euroleague there are surprises every season…. Every night any team can surprise and win. This has been happening for years because of the overall quality of all the teams.”

Pangos is playing 13 minutes per game in Euroleague (2 PPG, 2.2 APG) and 14 in ACB (4.4 PPG, 2.9 APG) with his new team.


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