Felipe Reyes: I leave with the feeling of having the respect of all of my opponents

Reyes won 23 trophies in 17 seasons with Real Madrid

Felipe Reyes spoke to the press in an online press conference alongside Juan Carlos Sánchez-Lázaro, the director of the basketball department, following the tribute and farewell event held at Real Madrid City: “Playing for Real Madrid is a dream come true. Never did I think that I’d play for this club for so many years because it’s a really demanding club to play for. I’m really proud and happy to say that I’ve been here for 17 seasons and been captain for 16 of them. I’ve given my all out on the court. I leave here feeling satisfied and I hope that I’ve been up to the task”.

“Never could I have dreamed of spending some many years at Real Madrid and what’s more, as captain. Never did I dream of winning two EuroLeagues; lifting as many trophies as I did throughout my career; receiving so much affection and love from the fans; being a world and European champion; and playing in Olympic finals. I’ve had so many great moments throughout my career that I’m lucky enough that I can’t single one out. As I’ve always said, it’s all well and good to win trophies, but the hardest part is to receive affection from you, my teammates, the fans, the coaching staff… That’s ultimately what you take away with you and what makes you proud”.

Legacy he leaves behind basketball
“I leave with the feeling of having the respect of all of my opponents. Last year, when we played in the Copa del Rey and I came on, I experienced something incredible when all the fans gave me an ovation. I’ve spent many years at Real Madrid, there’s been a lot of rivalry and that moment was really moving for me. I’ve been moved by messages and everything that’s said on social media about me. That’s what makes me happy”.


“I just hope that people remember me as a I player who gave his all, was down to earth, gracious and who gave his all for the team. In particular, I hope that people remember me as a gracious and hard-working person. That would be enough to make me happy. I come away with the affection of all basketball fans and that makes me really happy”.

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Fonte: Real Madrid.

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