ELPA urges EuroLeague clubs to cancel the season

ELPA urges EuroLeague clubs to cancel the season

ELPA wants EuroLeague to cancel the season

ELPA sent a letter to clubs and EuroLeague asking them to cancel the season, Nova says.
ELPA knows that it is not a stakeholders but the players’association is aware of the risks that would arise is season resumes.

“Just three weeks of preparation time are not enough to prepare players. Although we are aware that some already have access to training, others are weeks away from such a luxury “, states ELPA, explaining that some EuroLeague clubs did not present a program of fitness programs for players during self-isolation.

“Return to training, ie numerous physical tests showed poor results due to insufficient training or poor conditions. Continuation of the league in the planned period would seriously increase the risk of injuries and other health problems that could affect the next season. Many sports medicine experts believe that after a long period of self-isolation, players need at least six weeks of preparation before restarting the season to minimize the increased risk of injury” ELPA says.

Source: Nova.

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