Championship Game pre-game quotes: Real Madrid

Credits Ciamillo-Castoria
Credits Ciamillo-Castoria

Sergio Llull, Alberto Abalde, Gabriel Deck

Sergio Llull, Real Madrid guard

“This is what we came here for. I am very happy to be in another final, very proud of the team’s work yesterday, and very focused on the game tomorrow. I hope we can repeat here and win the title again. In the end, each game and each Final Four is a whole different story. We play against a very good team and will have to do things really well in order to win.”

Alberto Abalde, Real Madrid forward

“I think it will probably be a different game than the semifinal because they are a different team, they have a different structure, but it will be the same in terms of intensity and toughness, and that it’s going to be a hard one till the last second, play by play. Many details can be definitive. I think it is clear that their focus is on players that can generate, like Shane Larkin or Vasilije Micic, but they also have [Elijah] Bryant and [Rodrigue] Beaubois. We will try to be ourselves, throughout defense, trying to make our physicality prevail. Displaying it from the very beginning can help us stop their creation, so we can build from that. What I ask myself is to give everything. Each game is different, and it may require different things from me, to help here or there, but it will depend on what we speak with Coach Laso, but it’s a matter of being ready to be able to help the team.”

Gabriel Deck, Real Madrid forward

“It’s clear that we need to stay focused, concentrated for the whole game. We need to be prepared and ready to be able to match a great opponent like Efes, which is a great team with a lot of great players who have been playing together for a long time. We hope to be at our maximum. The spotlight is on players like Micic or Larkin, obviously, but we know these two also need the others’ contribution to be able to lead the group, so we cannot avoid paying attention to everyone else.”

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