Yanni Wetzell leaves South East Melbourne Phoenix

Yanni Wetzell going to Germany

South East Melbourne Phoenix were informed overnight that Yanni Wetzell would be exercising his European out clause and he will now be released from his contract with the club.

“Although we are disappointed that Yanni will not be with us for next season we are happy for him personally and will continue to support his journey from afar,” Phoenix CEO Tommy Greer said.

“In our short history, the Phoenix have always prioritised player development and pathways and will continue to support players in furthering their careers.

“We are proud of the culture we are building within the club and will continue to strive to be a destination club for players not only in Australia but all over the world.

“It’s easy to talk about supporting players and allowing them the chance to develop, but it’s much harder when it means you have to say goodbye to a talented player like Yanni.”

Wetzell said the last few days had been stressful as he weighed up his options, but praised the Phoenix for their understanding.

“I am extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to form a relationship with the S.E Melbourne Phoenix family. I am disappointed to not be suiting up for the Phoenix this year, however, I felt that this was an opportunity that could not be passed,” Wetzell said.

“I am very grateful to all the coaches and front office for being so supportive and accommodating with this decision, I wish the team all the best in the upcoming season.”

Phoenix Head Coach Simon Mitchell, while disappointed to lose Wetzell, wished him all the best.

“As a club, we are genuinely happy for Yanni and look forward to watching him chase his dream of eventually playing in the NBA. Yanni is a great young man and I’m confident our paths will one day cross again.” Mitchell said.

The Phoenix is already in talks with potential replacements.

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