Virtus Roma expected to play tomorrow against Trieste with only Italian players

Credits Ciamillo-Castoria
Credits Ciamillo-Castoria

Roma could be excluded from LBA on Wednesday because of a missing tax payment.

LBA side Virtus Roma is expected to play tomorrow Italian League game against Allianz Trieste with only its Italian players, as reported by La Prealpina. One of Roma’s American players, Liam Farley, has reportedly left the country already, while another (Dario Hunt) has not played since November 8th as a protest for missed salary payments and a third one (Chris Evans) has suffered a season-ending injury earlier in the season.

If Roma’s management won’t pay a federal tax of €38,000 on Wednesday, the team will be excluded from LBA and all results for this season will be canceled. Roma has a 2-7 record so far in the season, and is already due a 3-point deduction in the standings as a result of this missed tax payment.

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