Trinchieri: We will do the best we can to enjoy this challenge

Credit: Ciamillo & Castoria
Credit: Ciamillo & Castoria

For the first time ever, a German team is in the EuroLeague playoffs

Bayern Munich coach Andrea Trinchieri talks before game 1 of the best-of-five series against Olimpia Milan in the EuroLeague playoffs.


Milan native Andrea Trinchieri, who once started in Olimpia’s youth system and later served as co-coach, said after arriving in his hometown, “This next stop on our journey is a very nice one, because it’s the playoffs in the EuroLeague. It is a great honor for us to be on this stage. Milan’s team has been put together well without question and is meant to reach the Final Four. This team has a lot of experience and quality. For us, it will be about getting into this series first. (…) It’s great to play the EuroLeague playoffs with this group of guys we have. We will do the best we can to enjoy this challenge. We are total underdogs given the name of the other team. They have players with EuroLeague rings, they just have everything. We should embrace this challenge and enjoy every single moment. Even though one hundred percent hard moments will come, I’m sure of that. But we want to fight and give our best.”

Fonte: Bayern Munich.

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