Trinchieri: Great win. It looks great, it feels even better

Credit: Ciamillo & Castoria
Credit: Ciamillo & Castoria

Bayern and Efes now hold a 19-11 record, but the win gives to the German team the tie-break advantage over Efes

Bayern Munich coach Andrea Tricnhieri talks after the important victory against Anadolu Efes.

“I have a film [in my mind] of many big plays, and I believe every player that played made a big play. It was unbelievably difficult. They played great, every time we made a mistake they scored. But at the end, we hate to lose. The last defensive play was amazing from Nick Weiler-Babb. It’s a great win. It looks great, it feels even better. [What does this win mean?] Tomorrow, we have a practice.”

“It’s been couple of games that our GM has been telling this coaching staff: ‘When you don’t have a chance, that’s the chance you have’. And he was right. I felt it while we were playing against them, they are at the moment the best team. They are so efficient, they are so good at punishing every mistake you make. We had to go over our limits. We struggled, we did not want to give up, and slowly, slowly changing some things, moving players, we made another comeback. And we condensed big plays at the end, we also had big plays. The last play was amazing, it was a twin-block shot between Nick and Gist on the drive, and I believe it is a perfect picture of our game. A game where coming from behind the whole game, we didn’t give any room for frustration when they wanted to bury every small mistake, every three-point shot, or even big shots. This is a great win for us. I don’t know the ranking, I just know we just beat a team that was rolling on a winning streak and killing everybody. I am proud of my players, I want to congratulate my players for a big effort and for this amazing win.”.

The german side is fifth in the Euroleague standings with 19 wins in 30 games.

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