Tony Parker: The smartest solution is to cancel the season

Parker: If the Olympics are postponed, I don't understand why we don't cancel the LNB season.

Asvel Villeurbanne president Tony Parker says to The Equipe that at this point the best route to take is to cancel the Jeep Elite season.

“I think the smartest solution is to cancel. Cancel the season, no champion, no relegation, so we can prepare as soon as possible for next season. Everyone is having big losses. How are we going to see the future? It will take a long time. It will take everyone’s effort. It will change the dynamics of European sport, European basketball, French basketball. But now, I think we must giving stop false hopes. We are not going to resume the season. We are awaiting the decision of the LNB and FFBB. If the Olympics are postponed, I don’t understand why we don’t cancel the LNB season. There’s nothing bigger than the Olympics”

Source: L'Equipe.

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