Steve Kerr: We’re lucky to have Eric Paschall

Paschall was the No.41 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr talks about Eric Paschall, one of the few bright spots of the team this year.

“Honestly, it’s like coaching Steph and Klay — and that’s probably my highest compliment,” Kerr told NBC Sports Bay Area. “There’s zero maintenance with Eric. Zero maintenance. He’s obviously been parented and coached well throughout his life. We’re lucky to have him.”

“It’s so great just to know that a guy is that mature,” Kerr said. “You can look him in the eye and be very honest with him and he looks you back and nods his head and says, ‘Yes,’and then he actually works at it and you see the results. And it’s all just a really natural progression. No wasted emotion. No angst. It’s just very matter-of-fact.

“You have no idea how much this helps me, and our staff, to do our jobs.”

The rookie out of Villanova is averaging 14 points (fifth among first-year players), 4.6 rebounds and 2 assist, shooting 50% from the field, 29% from long range and 77% from the foul line.

Source: NBC Sports.

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