Sloukas: I have one year left with Fenerbahce, but if Obradovic leaves…

Courtesy of Getty Images

Courtesy of Getty Images

Sloukas may leave if Obradovic won't remain as head coach of Fenerbahce

Kostas Sloukas has one year remaining on his contract with Fenerbahce and he doesn’t want to leave. But if coach Zeljko Obradovic won’t remain at the helm of the team, the situation could rapidly change.

Sloukas has been linked to both Panathinaikos and Olympiacos.

Via Eurohoops, “There is a rumor that I will return to Olympiacos or play for Panathinaikos. I read and listen to the scenarios that are out there but what I know is that I have a guaranteed contract with Fenerbahce for one more season. Because of the unique case, there are various fleeting thoughts on my mind but there is a contract. If, of course, coach Obradovic leaves, as it is strongly rumored, the discussion changes,” Sloukas said in an interview with Greek newspaper “Ta Nea.”

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