Real Madrid forward Anthony Randolph discusses his quarantine due to Coronavirus

Randolph has shared his experience with Marc J Spears of The Undefeated.

In a long interview with The Undefeated and Marc J Spears of ESPN, Real Madrid forward Anthony Randolph has discussed his experience with COVID-19 and the quarantine he’s going through due to the positivity of Trey Thompkins.

“It is a little devastating to know that your season can be postponed for a certain period of time or even canceled, but we understand at this time, the health and safety of all the players and our families is the most important thing”, Randolph has said, talking also about the game Real Madrid played in Milano earlier this month and behind close doors due to the Coronavirus outbreak [Randolph did not play on March 3 due to an injury]: “Most of my teammates and the trainers were all worried about going to Milan to play the game, but you know us as athletes, we kind of shrugged it off as like, ‘We will be all right. They will protect us.’ There were procedures and things put in place to protect us. We just figured they would protect us. And when the guys came back, everybody did what they were supposed to do. They had gloves, masks and hand sanitizer on the trip there. It was just unfortunate that we got back after we played a couple of games that we realized that one of our players had come down with the virus”.

Fonte: The Undefeated.

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