Olimpia GM Stavropoulos expects Zalgiris-Olimpia Milano game to be played regularly

The Serie A game between Milano and Roma could be played behind closed doors

Olimpia Milano GM Christos Stavropoulos doesn’t think that the game against Zaligirs Kaunas will be postponed due to the coronavirus emergency in Italy.

“We have talked with EuroLeague, they did not tell us anything about a postponement of the game” Stavropoulos told La Repubblica.

In Serie A, Milano is ready to play behind closed doors the game against Virtus Roma scheduled for Sunday because there won’t be time to rescheduled the contest considering that all the leagues have to finish before June 12.

“We want to play, also behind closed doors. It is certainly an economic damage, but not playing would be a worse damage. Football has the same problems and the same need to play due to FIFA European Championship” Stavropoulos added.

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