NBA recommends fist-bumps over high-fives with fans in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak

Fist-bumps among short-term recommendations as NBA plots coronavirus strategy, memo says

The coronavirus hit the USA and the NBA is trying to take some measures to reduce the risk of its players.
Some players already took some measures as CJ McCollum that will not sign autograph anymore.

Per ESPN, Among the NBA’s short-term recommendations to teams in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, players should utilize fist-bumps over high-fives with fans and avoid taking items such as pens, balls and jerseys to autograph, according to a memo to teams obtained by ESPN.

Among larger concerns being addressed in NBA front offices and the league office is the possibility that pre-draft combines, on-site workouts and international scouting events could become more limited in scope, or even be canceled, based on the possible escalation of the coronavirus outbreak.

Some players are already taking the NBA’s advice to heart.

“Corona,” Bobby Portis of the New York Knicks said as he offered some fist-bump greetings on Monday night before his team faced the Houston Rockets.

Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat said he wasn’t necessarily worried or thinking about avoiding high-fives.

“I don’t think about any of that,” Butler said. “I’m still going to be who I am. We’re still going to be who we are.”

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