Myles Turner says he wants to remain with Pacers

Turner was subjected to multiple trade rumors in the last couple of seasons.

Indiana Pacers big man Myles Turner has said, during his end-of-the-season press conference, that he would like to remain with the team after several speculations of a trade during the last seasons.

“I love Indianapolis and there’s no place I’d rather be than here – it’s my second home and the fans are the best the NBA has to offer,” said Turner. “In terms of any trade rumors, I’m really just trying to stick to basketball. I’m laser-focused on being the best I can be on the court, supporting my teammates and trying not to get wrapped up in rumors. And at the end of the day this is a business I’m fully aware of that and conduct myself as such, I’m confident in my skillset and growth that I feel I’d thrive anywhere I’m at. The grass is greener wherever I’m at.”

Turner has still two seasons left on his contract with Indiana.

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