KK Partizan among Zeljko Obradovic’s options, the decision in 20 days

Credit: Ciamillo & Castoria
Credit: Ciamillo & Castoria

Obradovic will announce the next stage of his amazing career in 20 days

Speaking with a television, Zeljko Obradovic does not rule out a return to KK Partizan.

(via mondo.rs)

“It’s a club that I love, where I started and spent my best years … I have so many friends there.
I always said that I would make a decision on where I would continue to work at the end of June, in agreement with my family and some people I care about. People always talk, but to date I have not negotiating with anyone. I have a man who leads my negotiations, he brings me information about the club, and then I sit down with the people I care about and evaluate what to do. You will know everything in about twenty days “.

Fonte: Mondo.rs.

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