Kevin Durant: Basketball is pretty simple, everybody runs the same sets with different terminologies

Photo: Matteo Marchi
Photo: Matteo Marchi

KD is about to debut with the third team of his career, after the Thunder and the Warriors

A year and a half after his Achilles tendon rupture during the 2019 NBA Finals, Kevin Durant is ready to start a new challenge in his career. Together with Kyrie Irving, he will seek to lead the Brooklyn Nets to the NBA title.

KD talked about several topics during the Nets Media Week.

on his relationship with Kyrie Irving:


“We both respect each other’s games and we know each other’s game inside and out,” said Durant. “We know what good basketball, championship level basketball looks like. It’s all about crafting every single day with the group and coming together and seeing what’s the best way for us to play. It’s still early in the season and there was COVID, and guys have been separated all summer and doing their own thing, so it’s going to take some time for us to figure out the best way to approach this thing, but we’re looking forward to that challenge.”

on the time it will take for the Nets to integrate all the new players, with a new coaching staff:

“Basketball is pretty simple,” said Durant. “Everybody throughout the whole league runs the same sets with different terminologies. Being around the league for so long, you kind of see how things can work from the outside, but it’s different when you get on the floor and you see guys’ tendencies, and how they play when they’re tired, or see how they play with different ballhandlers on the floor and they’ve got to stay in the corner. So I think it’s a matter of us adjusting to each other and growing with each other on a day to day, but we have high IQ guys who know how to mesh well with anyone.”


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