Ivan Majcunic is the new reiforcement of Cibona

Ivan Majcunic is the new reiforcement of Cibona

Cibona have agreed on a 2-year contract with Gorica captain, 24-year old shooting guard, Ivan Majcunić

Ivan Majcunić started his career playing for Jaska, from where he moved to Gorica and spent two seasons in Zagreb.

Last season he has been averaging 24.4 minutes per game in ABA League 2 with an average of 12.3 points, 3 rebounds and 1.3 assists per game.

After having signed with Cibona, Majcunić told: “As the information reached me, that Cibona are interested in cooperation, I haven’t hesitated even for a single moment. The coach introduced me his vision of the roster in the forthcoming season and my role in it. I have been delighted with the call and I am happy that everything has come true. I have been following Cibona and its games for a several seasons. The team used to be composed of quality player, several young ones among them. I believe that I would adapt fast and I am looking forward to meeting new coaches and teammates. It is my desire to play as well as I can and give my share in achieving the best possible results in all competitions.”

Fonte: aba-liga.com.

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