Ilya Platonov joins BC Nizhny on four-year contract

Before joining Nizhny, the 22-year-old forward spent several years with Lokomotiv Kuban

Ilya Platonov signed a four-year contract with BC Nizhny Novgorod, as announced by the russian team.
The 22-year-old forward spent several years with Lokomotiv Kuban.

Zoran Lukic, head coach of BC “Nizhny Novgorod”:

– For several years, the coaching staff of Nizhny Novgorod followed Ilya. He is an athletic player who has a very good shot from long-range. Last season, he was unable to fully demonstrate his talent due to injury. I am sure that it will not affect his future career in any way, and he will continue to progress. 

Ilya can play both in third and fourth positions . I hope that over time he will be able to replace Pavel Antipov. It is extremely important for me that Ilya sees Nizhny Novgorod as the next stage of his career. 

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