Fenerbahce President Ali Koc says budget was reduced from €31M to €19M this season

Credits Ciamillo-Castoria
Credits Ciamillo-Castoria

Fenerbahce was still able to reach Euroleague Playoffs and BSL Finals this season

Speaking to media, Fenerbahce president Ali Koc has addressed the team’s season and its financial situation.

“The budget fell from €31M to €19M. It was clear that it was going to be a tough season, but with the chemistry of the coach, the GM Maurizio Gherardini, and Sertac, we started to get very good results. We also believed that we would make it to the Final Four, but luck has never been in our favor. We’ve been hit hard by COVID, then Vesely got injured, you know the rest”, Koc said.

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