Dennis Schröder becomes sole owner of Braunschweig

The german playmaker will be the owner of his hometown team

Oklahoma City Thunder pointguard  Dennis Schröder will become the sole owner of Basketball Löwen Braunschweig GmbH from 1st July, 2020.
“I am very happy to be the sole shareholder of the Lions. Braunschweig is my home town, I want to give something back to the region. I am convinced that we can develop the team further and make it a top club in the league. I would also like to thank the companies that are committed to our club for the good discussions. It is very important that Volkswagen Financial Services, BS Energy and the public remain on board. We look forward to the coming season and hope that the Corona crisis will be overcome as soon as possible. ”

Before the suspension Braunschweig was eleventh in the BBL Standings with 9 wins over 20 games.

Fonte: Braunschweig.

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