Dante Exum says his plan is to sign back in the NBA when contract with Barcelona expires

ACB Photo
ACB Photo

Exum signed a three-month contract with Barcelona

Dante Exum said that his plan is to sign back in the NBA when his three-month contract with Barcelona expires.
The Australian is averaging 4.4ppg in EuroLeague for the Catalan powerhouse.

Per Basketnews, Looking at the three-month deal that Exum landed in Barcelona, one can assume that the Australian point guard opted for a shorter contract in Europe because he’s still hoping to resume his NBA career. In other words, a win-win situation for the seven-year veteran.

Through Barca, he can explore the opportunity to get back in game rhythm while also leaving a window open for a potential return to the NBA since the deal will be up before NBA playoff rosters are finalized.

Exum has no reason to deny it. “Yeah, I think that’s the plan,” he firmly responds. “Looking at the injuries Barcelona had and my goal to go back to the NBA, it made sense for me to sign here.

I’ve got three months, and hopefully, I can keep growing by getting better defensively and finding a place offensively.”

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