Daniele Baiesi after Bayern loss: “We will have deep talks about the future in the upcoming days”

Bayern's Sporting Director spoke after BBL final loss to ALBA

After Bayern’s loss to ALBA Berlin in the BBL Final, sporting director Daniele Baiesi had this to say about the team’s season and future (transcript provided by Begum Unal): “It is not the moment today to talk about future details. Decisions are made when emotions lay down. We ended up with 3 guards despite it was planned to have deeper rotation (…) We played 90 games but BBL started in November… hopefully next season we will have more clear vision of how the season will look like (…) In a schedule like this, young players can’t learn and train. Kids were great help to the team. I believe that the set up of day to day work should be different from what we had this season (…) We will have deep and honest conversations for the future in the upcoming days (…) The positive take of the season: The bond in between the players in the locker room was incredible. This team taught a lot to us: what really matters for the team to click (…) The negative take of the season: How our work was perceived. The lack of respect to us (…) I believe that some of our players will be out of our reach in the market because they did too good. I learned that with not the best budget but stability and great organization and great coaches, you can do great things (…) We gave this brand an identity. This is still a young club (…) Weiler-Babb, Lucic, Djedovic, Sisko, Reynolds (although he is flexible) are in the contract. I’m pretty positive that we’ll keep the coach with us”.

Fonte: Begum Unal.

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