Dane DiLiegro retires from basketball at 32

Dane DiLiegro retires from basketball at 32

DiLiegro retires from basketball to pursue a career as actor at Hollywood

Dane DiLiegro officially retired from basketball at 32.
The big man is pursuing a career at Hollywood.
He will have a role in a The Walking Dead episode and also in the movie “Free Guy” with Ryan Reynolds.
DiLiegro lives in Los Angeles since a year to pursue his dream.
DiLiegro has played seven seasons in Italy and also in Israel with Galil Gilboa.

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basketball has been a major part of my life for the last 27 years. we’ve had a strange relationship, i didn’t really care for sports growing up. i was more interested in running on all fours through the forest in my backyard or playing legend of zelda. but basketball was always there. the fact that i had the opportunity to play in high school, prep school, four years of NCAA D1, and eight years professionally, is a miracle in itself, as i never imagined i’d make it this far. so this is my official retirement from basketball. i must say that I’m pretty proud of what i accomplished. but i wouldn’t have been who i was as a player if it weren’t for every single person who coached and guided me through the years, especially my late high school coach bob farias as well as @steviehailey during my pro career. my family being there to support me no matter what, even when they were 7000 miles away. most importantly my dad, who encouraged and pushed me from the beginning; instilling his unwavering work ethic inside me. never missing a game if he was within driving distance. i wouldn’t have made it without him. i have no regrets. playing a game revolving around putting a leather ball through an iron ring ten feet off the ground has brought me countless gifts that i will treasure forever. it’s time i hang up the jersey and walk toward the white light in basketball heaven. it’s been almost a year that i’ve been living in los angeles pursuing some monstrous goals and i have a lot of exciting things coming up. like i said before, i’m right where i’m supposed to be and i couldn’t be more excited about the future to come. 🇮🇹 grazie a tutti i miei tifosi italiani nel corso degli anni. ho un profondo apprezzamento per tutte le nostre esperienze insieme. tornerò in italia a visitare presto e spero di vedervi tutti! 🇮🇹 all love – #letdaneplay

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