Basketball players who often play in casinos


Not only ordinary people but also many celebrities are interested in gambling for money

Not only ordinary people but also many celebrities are interested in gambling for money. Surprising that among them, there are many athletes. By the way, their luck in gambling on casinoofthekings is not less than in real-life confrontations. We can explain this craving for excitement because, in sports, athletes are used to adrenaline and tension and seek it in real life. And also, representatives of sports receive sufficient cash payments for their work, so they make only big bets.


Basketball players are often seen at the casino table because gambling is the most common among them. Everyone associates Michael Jordan’s name with basketball, even those who don’t follow the sport. However, the 59-year-old basketball player is known for his gambling addiction. At the peak of his career, the American could spend all night at a casino table and then come out in the morning as if nothing had happened, hit the ball with precision, win and ultimately bring victory to the team. Thus, the craving for numerous games that can be found on real money games list based on human excitement is inherent to many individuals. Some do not hide it and are willing to talk about their winnings or global spending in casinos. And some people consider it is better not to advertise their pursuit. Nevertheless, celebrities are people with the same hobbies as their admirers


Michael Jordan

American athlete Michael Jordan is considered the best basketball player in history. He has won two Olympic gold medals and won the NBA championship six times. Nevertheless, one of Jordan’s main characteristics in his athletic life was his passion for gambling. Rumor has it that Michael was a big gambler during his career and still is.


Michael Jordan could easily bet money with his teammates on any occasion. For example, whose bag would leave the airport on the luggage belt first. Michael was often spotted in Atlantic City, where he played casinos and bet on any sports. The basketball player also liked to bet on golf games.

Antoine Walker

Undoubtedly, the most famous basketball player who loved to gamble was Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan. Another casino gambler that few people remember is 2005/2006 NBA champion Antoine Walker with Miami Heat. The basketball player once owed a casino more than $800,000!


Antoine Walker recounted how he and Jordan once played spades with two guys. The game took place in a specific restaurant and lasted, according to Walker, a total of 36 hours. The stakes were huge – the minimum was $20,000. The game was so tightened and the stakes so high that Jordan canceled the NBA press conference at which he was supposed to announce his triumphant return to the Chicago Bulls. At one point, the amount Jordan and Walker were losing reached $900,000, but the basketball players managed to win back almost all. But Jordan wasn’t willing to live with that, so he ended up losing even more.

Charles Barkley

One of the greatest players in the history of the NBA, Charles Barkley, played for Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Houston. He started with $70,000 at the gaming table and ended up with $10 million in losses at one time. And Barkley lost $2.5 million in six hours. Although, in one of the casinos in Las Vegas, he won $700 thousand. A significant amount of money was brought to him by betting on an NFL Superbowl game in which Indianapolis beat Chicago (29-17). The league’s most valuable player in 1993 said he won five or six times a day for $1 million, but there were about 20 cases in which he lost such amounts on a single occasion. The multiple NBA All-Star Game participant, recalling his mistakes in his youth, attributed them to the simple excitement that pushed him to the gaming table. A good friend of Michael Jordan’s, with whom they spent many evenings in casinos, admits that he had gambling addiction problems, but he says the addiction does not affect his well-being.

Basketball Star

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