Barcelona and Real Madrid combine for over €60m loss in 2021-22

ACB Photo
ACB Photo

Both team combined overall loss in the last four seasonal balance sheets is over €217m with a negative result expected also in 2022-23

Spanish basketball giants Barcelona and Real Madrid continue to deliver unsustainable economical figures as reported by 2PlayBook and BasketNews

Real Madrid has closed last season with €31.1m in losses, bringing the combined result for the last four seasons to -102.84 million.

Barcelona, however, lost €2.0m more than expected for a €30.0m total loss in 2021-22, a figure that isn’t the largest in team’s history (€34.7m in 2020-21. Barcelona total loss between 2018 and 2022 is €115.2m, with the team planning to spend €37m in wages for 2022-23.

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