Are Basketball Sportsbooks on GamStop?

Are Basketball Sportsbooks on GamStop?

GamStop is a self-exclusion scheme that can help you with gambling issues

As we all know, basketball is the most popular sport in the United States. But, it is very popular
in the United Kingdom as well. Furthermore, people here like to bet on basketball on a regular
In the UK we can see many popular and amazing sportsbooks that allow punters to place the
best bet. Here we can also see sports sites on GamStop and gambling sites not covered by GamStop self-exclusion that are available for self-excluded and regular British players . This
refers to the self-exclusion platform simply known as GamStop. Here we will discuss it in detail.

GamStop Explained

GamStop is available only for punters in the United Kingdom. It is a simple yet effective self-
exclusion platform. What this means is that a player will go to the official website of GamStop
and create an account. Once he creates the account, he can choose the duration of the self-
exclusion scheme. Available options are 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. A user can choose any
duration he prefers. The idea is to have time to deal with gambling or betting addiction and
solve the issue. Once the issue is solved and the self-exclusion duration has expired a user can
deactivate his account and continue betting and gambling. It is worth noting that you need to
call GamStop customer support and deactivate the ban. This is the only method.

One of the biggest questions is how effective GamStop is. First of all, it is very effective. This
platform is mandated to be featured on all betting and gambling sites with the UKGC licence. In
other words, if a betting site wants a permit from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission,
they must feature GamStop. This licence will allow them to offer games to UK players.
There are many sites that support GamStop and many new options are emerging as we speak.
It is important to add that GamStop is not the only system of the same kind and there are
others, but this is a different topic.
One thing all users must remember is that the self-exclusion period cannot be deactivated until
it expires. There is no way for that and not even customer support will do it. After all, the goal is
to have the time to solve a gambling addiction or a similar problem. Removing the self-
exclusion when you want to would make the whole platform useless.
One, additional thing you need to know is that not all sites for betting and gambling on the web
are covered by GamStop. On those sites, GamStop has no effect and they will remain available
at all times. Some of them do have their own, similar blocking systems while others don’t use
any kind of system like this. An interesting fact is that these sites are also popular in the United
Kingdom and they are very interesting to use on a daily basis.
Once you are done with the self-exclusion scheme, you can deactivate it and all the UK sites will
become available to you once again. All your old accounts can be used once again and you can
place bets without any issue.

Which Sportsbooks Are On GamStop List

The next main question you may ask is which sites for betting are featured on the GamStop list.
As we have mentioned earlier, all with the UKGC licence are members of the program and
therefore they are on the list. IN other words, all the biggest and most popular sites in the UK
for online betting are members of the self-exclusion scheme we are discussing. Anyway, here is
a list where you can see some of the sportsbooks that are on GamStop at the moment.
● Bet365
● William Hill
● Betfair Casino Limited
● Coral
● Betfred
● Ladbrokes
● Unibet
● Paddy Power
● BetVictor
● SkyBet
● Betfair

● 888 UK Limited
The full list of the supported sites that are members of the GamStop is featured on the official
page of the GamStop provider. There you can see all the biggest, less-known, and also popular
names that will deserve your attention. There is no need in adding that GamStop covers
gambling sites as well. Most of the sites you can see above and the ones featured on the official
page at the GamStop website are both sportsbooks and casinos. Of course, different sections of
the sites are used accordingly.
Keep in mind that new sites are added on a regular basis so you can see that the list will be
much longer any time soon.


GamStop is a self-exclusion scheme that can help you with gambling issues. Once activated,
gambling and betting will become unavailable at all UK gambling sites. Only when the period of
time you have selected expires can you play games again and enjoy. There is no way to remove
the self-exclusion before it expires unless you place bets on betting sites that are not members
of the GamStop platform.

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