Adam Hanga thinks ACB players are more afraid of injury than contagion

The ACB tournament will start on June 17

During an interview with the official Barcelona website, Adam Hanga said that he is very afraid of the possible injuries that could happen when the ACB resumes the season, and that he thinks that players are more afraid of injury than contagion.

“I am more afraid of an injury. I am 31 years old, in the past I have suffered injuries, I know my body and after two months of confinement it is hard to compete at this level. It will be physically hard and that is why I think players are more afraid of injury than contagion. It’s not ideal to play like that, but we have to accept it. “

On the new format.

“I’ve thought a lot about whether or not it’s fair to be first and have this format. If you look at Europe, Efes was first and was in a position to win … in our case we have a chance to win. We did a good job, we were playing well, but we haven’t won anything yet this year. It’s what it is, it’s not ideal, it’s not fair because it’s another different championship, but it’s a title and I think the team will try to prepare as much as possible to win”

Source: Barcellona.

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