Richard Jefferson annuncia il suo addio alla pallacanestro

Photo: Erik Drost
Photo: Erik Drost

Jefferson ha deciso di appendere le scarpe al chiodo dopo una carriera durata 17 anni e coronata dalla vittoria del titolo NBA nel 2016.

L’ala veterana Richard Jefferson ha annunciato il suo ritiro dalla pallacanestro all’età di 38 anni.

Jefferson, vincitore del titolo NBA nel 2016 con i Cleveland Cavaliers, ha pubblicato il suo annuncio su Instagram insieme ad un video dedicato a suo padre, ucciso lo scorso mese durante una sparatoria a Compton, California.

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Well here’s my first post! In the last month I’ve dealt with two life changing events back to back. My decision to move on from basketball and the tragic passing of Big Rich. The support of my family and friends have been huge. This video was taken after he bbq’d for about 20 people, something he would do a few times every summer. All I would do is tell people that I was having people over to my house and the next question was “Is Big Rich on the grill?” He really was a true OG. I’m going to miss all his one-liners, his cooking and his ability to make a whole room laugh. Until next time!!!! #RIPPLAYAPLAYA #tripleOG PAPA REALLY WAS A ROLLING STONE!!! ??✊?

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