Kendrick Perry non giocherà con il Metropolitans 92 la prossima stagione

Il giocatore deve essere operato al ginocchio

Kendrick Perry ha annunciato sui social che non vestirà la maglia del  Metropolitans 92.

Il giocatore infatti volerà a breve negli USA per operarsi al ginocchio.

Perry era arrivato in Francia dopo una stagione al Nizhny Novgorod.


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It is with a heavy heart that I share with you all that due to unfortunate circumstances, I won't be participating this year with @metropolitans92. I'll be flying back to the US soon to possibly have another operation on my knee. While the news is obviously disappointing, I'm moving forward with clear eyes and a strong heart (Burkey reference…if you know, you know) and with a positive mindset. I want to personally thank everyone involved with Metro92 as they gave me an opportunity. Since the first day, they worked diligent with me and didn't rush me to do anything I wasn't comfortable doing, so for that I am extremely grateful. To my teammates, it was a pleasure getting to know you all for my short time here and I look forward to staying in touch and following you guys through the season. Please don't read this post and feel sorry for me because I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I'm ready to conquer this next challenge and get back to playing the game I love at a high level. This is just part of the process. As the greatest player of all time Allen Iverson once said "I'm going thru what I'm going thru cuz God told me to go thru it!" So with that being said, it's been real Paris. I'll be seeing you again real soon. But until then, the marathon must continue❗️ And best believe I'm still #CertifiedInPerson

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