Warriors Welcome Andre Iguodala Back To The Bay

Warriors Welcome Andre Iguodala Back To The Bay

Klay Thompson, sentimental Warriors pay tribute to Heat's Andre Iguodala in Bay Area return

Andre Iguodala makes his first trip back to the Bay in Miami Heat’s jersey.
Iguodala won three NBA titles as a member of the Golden State Warriors.

Per ESPN, “From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everybody that supported us, supported me my entire time here,” Iguodala said during a brief speech to the crowd before tipoff. “It definitely feels like home every time. I just left, but it feels like home. Really appreciate you guys and appreciate you being loyal Bay Area fans. My brothers will be back in action, full squad next year, to wreak havoc on the league for 80 games. Love y’all.”

Before Iguodala spoke, former Warriors teammate Klay Thompson gave a short speech praising Iguodala’s contributions.

“Obviously, it’s a special night for Dub Nation,” Thompson said. “We’ve got one of the greatest Warriors in the history of the organization back. We call him the Swiss Army knife. One of my favorite teammates of all time. He made me, Steph [Curry], Draymond [Green] and [Kevon] Looney’s job much easier, as well as Coach [Steve] Kerr and all the coaching staff. So we’re indebted to this man for what he gave us. And it’s good to have you back, Dre. And I can’t wait to see your jersey in the rafters one of these days, bro.”

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