Vince Carter says Zion Williamson will be ready for the NBA

Carter on Williamson: He has an NBA body already.

Vince Carter thinks that Zion Williamson will be ready for the NBA.

Per ESPN, “He’ll be ready [for the NBA],” Carter, the 2000 NBA slam dunk contest champion and eight-time All-Star, told ESPN. “One thing I learned when I got in this league is that yes, I’m athletic, but there’s gonna be a lot of guys up here that are athletic. What else do you bring to the table? I think he’s going through that phase, kind of what I went through. Everybody looks at ‘he can dunk, he can dunk,’ but now when you have guys that are super athletic, then they’re going to start saying, ‘What else can he do?'”

“He’s super, super athletic,” said Carter, who ranks seventh in the NBA all-time in made 3-pointers. “He has an NBA body already. I think, more than anything, with all his ability, I just say take his time, develop his game, because when you get here, it’s a different beast as far as expectations. A lot of guys try to get here and just develop while they get here.”

Fonte: ESPN.

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