Vince Carter: I’m prepared to walk away but I don’t want to become a coach

Foto Matteo Marchi

Foto Matteo Marchi

Carter is playing his final season in the NBA

Vince Carter is ready to retire after this season.
Carter is playing his final year in the NBA.

Per Athletes Unfiltered (via Hoopshype): “I’m happy. I’m slowly, but surely, becoming one with it. I wasn’t in the first month or two. It was kind of like that scary new job or that first day of school where you don’t know anybody or what to expect. It’s that kind of feeling. For me, now, I’m prepared to walk away. As far as what I want to do, after 20 years of doing the same thing, it’s not always satisfying. You won’t be doing that anymore. It’s tough, but I think back to the night that Kobe (Bryant) and I had a conversation about it in Jersey, about his happiness in retirement was refreshing and comforting for me. That was one of the last things that we talked about, was that we were going to get back on a call and chat about it some more, because it was brief at the time, and I would have loved to sit and talk with him about he handled retirement so well.” – Vince Carter explains why he doesn’t want to become a coach: “I’ve said for years that I don’t want to become a coach. I may work my way back to coaching at some point, but being part of an ownership group, I can help develop guys. I can sit and talk with guys after games in the office or in basketball settings. Stuff like that where we can relate and go over film. I’d like to talk with guys while they are working out, and when I see things, step in and give them advice.”

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