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NBA 11/07/2018, 17.08

Bucks' Donte DiVincenzo Only Has $3.71 In His Bank Account. He'll earn more than $2M next season

DiVincenzo's life is about to change soon

Donte DiVincenzo’s life is about to change.
The hero of Villanova and MIP of the 2018 NCAA Final Four showed his bank account and there are less than $4 dollar.

Per HotNewHipHop, Teammate D.J. Wilson recently posted a photo on instagram, showing that DiVincenzo's Wells Fargo bank accounts only have a combined $3.71 ($2.68 in checking, $1.03 in savings).

According to J.R. Radcliffe of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (H/T Bleacher Report), the rookie wage scale puts DiVincenzo's first-year salary around $2,067,500, which will be provide a much needed boost to the 21-year old's diminishing bank account.
E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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