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NBA 14/11/2017, 09.57

Rudy Gobert replies to Dion Waiters: It's not my feelings, it's my knee

Gobert will miss between 4 and 6 weeks of action

French big man Rudy Gobert will miss at least a month of action with a knee injury.
The Jazz player replied to Dion Waiters who invited Gobert to “to get out of his feelings and that's what it is, just like that.”.

Per ESPN, "It's not my feelings, it's my knee," Gobert said Monday. "That's a little more important.
"I like to play basketball. Sometimes if someone takes that away from you, you've got to get in your feelings for a reason."
"Just frustrating that I'll miss some time," Gobert said. "At the same time I'm feeling lucky because when I look at the video, if I don't lift my foot up in the air at the same moment, it'd be way worse. Good and bad."
E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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