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NBA 19/06/2017, 13.53 Rumors

Soon to be free agent Gallinari: Denver is not my first choice but at the same level of other teams

Gallinari will be unrestricted free agent from July 1

Danilo Gallinari was in Barcelona last weekend with adidas for the #HERETOCREATE event along with other NBA Stars.

Gallinari spoke with Premium Sport about his future.
Il Gallo opted out of his contract with the Nuggets to become free agent from July 1.

“Nuggets are not my first choice but they are exactly at the same level of the other teams. Denver’s advantage is that they can offer me a five-year contract while other franchises can offer me a four-year deal. Nuggets are at the same level of the others” Gallinari said.
E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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