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NBA 17/02/2017, 10.32 Rumors

Knicks' Derrick Rose a potential trade target before the trade deadline?

Rose will be free agent from July 1

Derrick Rose will be free agent from July 1 and the Knicks are expected to receive some calls before the trade deadline set for February 23.

Per ESPN, Multiple teams view Derrick Rose as a potential trade target, according to league sources. It would be surprising if the Knicks didn’t get calls about Rose as the deadline approaches. He has struggled on defense and hasn’t distributed the ball well, but he has shown that he’s again one of the best lane penetrators in the NBA.

Rose has wondered aloud several times if he’ll be dealt because he’s on an expiring contract and could help a team looking for backcourt depth. “I like being here but [you] never know what could happen,” Rose said Wednesday. “My job is to come in and play as hard as I can.”
E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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