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NBA 15/02/2017, 11.19 Rumors

Vittorio Gallinari: Danilo loves Denver but it'd be fascinating to see him with Clippers or Celtics

Vittorio Gallinari said that also the Rockets are interested in Danilo Gallinari

Vittorio Gallinari, Danilo’s father and agent, said that the Houston Rockets are interested in his son.

“Danilo always said that he loves Denver and he wants to remain in Colorado. But in the NBA a player with a contract can’t decide. The franchise decides for him” Gallinari told Il Cittadino. “It would be fascinating to see Danilo Gallinari with the Clippers, the Celtics or the Raptors. Teams that need a player in his role (Raptors not anymore because they have signed Serge Ibaka). Orlando would have less appeal” Gallinari added. “I never called Mike D’Antoni (Rockets head coach) but I think that the interest of Houston for Danilo comes from Mike’s desire to coach him again” Gallinari ended.

Danilo Gallinari will likely opt out of his contract after this season to become unrestricted free agent in July.
E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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